Absolute Youthful Lifting Facial treatment

3 December, 2018

Duration: 75min
Price: 115€

100% manual lifting treatment providing proven and instantly visible lifting results in just 75 min!

ABSOLUTE YOUTHFUL LIFTING treatment instantly firms and defines the facial contours, plumps the skin and smooths wrinkles, and creates a more lifted, sculpted look to reveal a visibly youngerlooking skin.

The 100% manual lifting massage, specifically designed for ABSOLUTE YOUTHFUL LIFTING treatment, combines deep gliding, anti-aging movements and intensive petrissage movements, including kneads and rolls, to instantly lift, firm and plump the skin, and stimulate cell activity. At the same time, the relaxing moments of the rituals help to reduce stress, restore energy and reset your client’s mind and body.

A 100% manual sculpting massage
· Plumper, firmer skin, reduced wrinkles & more defined contours
· Focus on key-concern zones
· 75 min

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