“Add on” minitreatments bring You the ultimate leisure experience. While enjoying a body wrap, add a facial massage meanwhile for double relaxation or have Your hands pampered in warm paraffin wrap and why not use the time for an “instant lift” facial mask! For facial You can add moisturizing eye patches for a quick eye treatment or add extra pleasure with a warm paraffin mask for the feet. Manicure and pedicure can be made for special with a facial mask, eye mask or paraffin treatments! Last touch is the hairwash & blowdry and make-up! We recommend hairwash&blowdry especially after facial treatments, Indian head massage or Lomi Lomi oilmassage.

Customer´s favorite – Stone therapy! Experience complete, deep relaxation after your massage by letting the stillness and warmth embrace you, allowing your body and mind to be totally calm. A 20-minute hot stone treatment can be added to any of our massages. The masseur places hot stones on your body, wraps you in warm towels and then lets you enjoy your time in peace and tranquillity. Hot stones placed on the body will help relieve muscle tension and reduce pain, making the muscles completely relaxed. Heat improves circulation in the area applied, and the stones will also promoteenergy flow and increase energy levels.

Customer´s favorite – seasalt scrub and massage for the back! Suitable for dry and rough skin. Very effective before beach vacation and will prevent ingrown hair. Repêchage® Sea Spa Glow forexfoliating back treatment based on Marine Salts and infused with moisturizing Seaweed and Olive Oil. Sea Spa Glow will leave you feeling energized and refreshed, with super smooth, silky soft skin. After exfoliating 30 min massage with rich seaweed cream.

“Add on” minitreatments

Hand massage 10€
Express facial treatment 35€
Eclat "instant lift" facial mask 30€
Nanoneedling for face 30€
Moisturizing eye patches 20€
Paraffin treatment for the feet 25€
Paraffin treatment for the hands 25€
Scrub for body 30€
Seasalt scrub and massage for the back 20min 35€
Stone therapy 25€
Hairwash and blowdry 20-25€
Day Make-Up 25€
Evening make-up 35€

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