Treatments for Mother’s To Be

In this special time let us take care of Your wellbeing. These treatments are safe during pregnancy and give You the ultimate relaxation journey.

For hand and foot care we recommend choosing the classical manicure and pedicure or the luxurious Guinot Longue Vie manicure and pedicure. The Longue Vie treatment includes in addition to classical care also scrubbing treatment as well as relaxing massage with deeply moisturising and rejuvenating butter. For additional pampering we recommend adding the following add-on treatments: crème-gel mask enriched with Hyaluronic Acid for the hands and the feet or Marine Collagen scrub for the hands and for the feet – for the smoothing hydration effect. All treatments can be found here.

For facial skin care we recommend the following treatments from Guinot: express facial, classical facial or nourishing Hydra Summum facial treatment. For extra pampering go for the elevated classical facial: either with the relaxing massage brush massage or the refreshing “ice ball” massage. Add extra results with Guinot Brightening C-vitamin or Eclat Lifting sheet-masks as well as Age Logic Yeux mask for the eye area.  From Image Skincare we recommend the following treatments: Ormedic moisturising treatment with long massage, Pearl Mask + Collagen treatment or Signature nourishing treatment with rose quartz massage. For extra effect add I MASK bimolecular sheet-mask and collagen eye patches. All treatments can be found here. 

For body pampering we have created the special mommy to be massage butter, which is used in our Blossom Belly Bliss massage. Light and all natural Gardenia-Rose whipped butter is the perfect choice to moisturise and pamper the changing body.  Silky textures melts away on the skin, leaving it soft and well nourished. The natural oils used in the butter give moisture to even the deepest layers of the skin, helping to prevent stretch marks and are completely safe for the baby as well. The treatment is tailored together with the massage therapists to Your needs and health condition. The massage can be carried out fully on the table, partially on the table or sitting on a chair and we also have a special maternity pillow for extra comfort. For extra pampering add the back scrub ritual to Your massage session. Please note, that we do treatments for expectant mothers from the week of 13 of pregnancy. Take a look at the treatments from here. 

We can also warmly recommend our popular Mini-Spa package Shopped! Oh I’ve dropped!, which includes refreshing scrub for the feet as well as a cooling waterlily wrap.  During the wrap You will enjoy a relaxing head massage and the ritual will finish with a light massage for the feet. De-Stress massage ritual is another customers favourite which includes express glow treatment for the face and head massage to be enjoyed during the facial mask.

Lash Lift and Brow Lift treatments we recommend taking in case You have already experienced the treatments before Your pregnancy, so we can be sure that the products used will not give an allergic reaction.

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