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Stressbuster Warm warming massage package
Normal price 65€

Seasonal price 60€

The Stressbuster massage package combines various massages that bring you total relaxation that effectively cure stress. As an introduction, you will receive a back, neck and shoulder area massage that immediately lures you away from any daily worries. After that the massage concentrates on the pressure points found on the soles of your feet to open up energy channels through them.

To bring you complete relaxation, massage therapist uses bamboo sticks as well as hot towels. Subsequent massage concentrates on the head to stimulate body’s self-healing potential and promote harmony between body and mind. During the head massage your energy channels will be cleared of blockages.

Throughout all of the years our Stressbuster massage therapy has remained as one of the most loved and popular choices by our customers. Life can get pretty stressful at times and to make this treatment even more effective helping You bust that stress away, we are truly glad to be introducing a new viarity for this popular massage therapy!

Stressbuster “Classic” warmly welcomes its offsprings: 

  • Stressbuster “Warm”
    For the back, shoulders and foot massage the therapist uses warm lava stones. Considering our nine months of Autumn climate, warm stones are perfect to feel instantly relaxed, also a great relief for cold feet.

The offer is valid in our SPA department until 1st of September 2023. We kindly ask You to reserve the time beforehand via email booking@sinine.ee or by calling  +372 670 5002 and using the password “homepage offer”.

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Massage & body treatments special offer

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