Massage & body treatments special offer

Guinot Mirific Body Treatment with an introductory price of 75€
Normal price 85€

This Treatment combines the best manual techniques and 4 Precious Oils with antiageing and nourishing properties.

The massage consists of enveloping manoeuvres and pressure points to relieve tension. It focuses on the key areas that are important for relaxation: neck, shoulders, back, hands and feet. Moreover, the massage oil with 4 Precious Oils (Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Argan) enables a relaxing, pleasant massage that restores softness and vitality to the skin.

Manœuvres reduces muscle and nervous tension in key areas to ensure relaxation: trapezius, back, hands, feet.
4 Precious Oils: Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Argan.
Mirific sensorial fragrance.

Restores VITALITY and SOFTNESS to the skin.

The offer is valid in our SPA department until 1st of September 2022. We kindly ask You to reserve the time beforehand via email or by calling  +372 670 5002 and using the password “homepage offer”.

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Massage & body treatments special offer

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