Warm Aroma manicure & pedicure

29 August, 2018

Duration for manicure/pedicure: 50min/50min

Price for manicure/pedicure: 40€/52€

Classical manicure or pedicure combined with delighful scrub for the hands and a deeply relaxing hot bee wax massage.

Bouquet of aromas emanating from massage candles and soft candle light create a harmonious ambience that brings you relaxation and calms your nervous system. Nourishes the skin and relaxes deeply. A piccolo bottle of sparkling wine is served together with the treatment.

Orange & lemongrass – awakening & freshness. Natural orange and lemongrass oils awaken and stimulate while dissipating fatigue and exhaustion. This special mix of oils activates and replenishes your tired body and mind as well as boosts your mood.
Lavender & rose tree – peace & relaxation. Aromatic lavender calms your body and mind, and is perfect for stressed out skin.
Honey & ginger – vitality & harmony. Special “honey milk” restores your vitality and balance. This harmonious mix and warmth support the wellness of your body and mind, and has an overall strengthening effect.

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