Tropical Heaven manicure and pedicure

12 March, 2018

Orly Pro Italian Mandarin is a comprehensive line of professional sized manicure and pedicure treatment products for salons and spas. An indulgent collection of treatment products to leave hands and feet soft and renewed, the collection lends a luxurious, exotic touch to any manicure or pedicure, and can be used as a complete system to exfoliate, detoxify, refresh, and moisturize hands and feet for an enlivening manicure or pedicure experience.

Tropical Heaven manicure
Duration: 50min
Price: 45€

The hands are often the first to show aging skin and are also the most often neglected. Relax, unwind and heal your hands with the ultimate in spa luxury. First, the skin is gently, yet effectively exfoliated with an aromatic blend of sugarcane crystals. A rich, detoxifying volcanic clay mask, eliminates impurities, heals and soothes skin. A layer of moisture is added to the skin, applied in your choice of massage techniques.

Tropical Heaven pedicure
Duration: 50min
Price: 65€

Relax, unwind and heal your legs and feet with the ultimate in spa luxury. Envelop your feet in a warm, luxurious bath of dead sea salts to refresh tired feet. An exfoliator is then massaged into the skin to exfoliate away dry and callused areas. Next, for those especially callused areas, a concentrated callus removal gel is applied, followed by a nourishing cuticle treatment.
An ultra-rich moisturizing crème is thoroughly massaged into the skin, concentrating on sore muscles and dry skin.

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