Super Collagen Booster facial treatment

6 May, 2019

Our new hit treatment offers the newest achievements of the anti-age skin care revolution!

Collagen production decreases from the age of 25 – prevention is the key!

50min 120€

-AHA peeling


-Collagen serum

-Collagen mask

-Rejuvenating facial skin massage

AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) peeling removes gently dead skin cells, stimulates skin regeneration and facilitates better absorption of subsequent products.
Nanoneedling is a non-invasive and painless procedure that contributes to the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin. The procedure stimulates microcirculation, which in addition to skin rejuvenation enhances the absorption and effect of cosmetic active ingredients. Also suitable for use in the eye and lip area.
Designed thanks to a futuristic technology, this face mask combines the effectiveness of Pure Active Collagen with the power of special micromagnets that stimulate the microcirculation and skin cell metabolism. • Recompacts and redensi es the skin • minimizes and prevents wrinkles • helps stop skin from sagging • combats dark circles, bags and puffiness • reduces signs of fatigue. It takes just 10 minutes to achieve a firmer, smoother, more compact skin, a younger face with contours that appear reshaped, and an instant feeling of relaxation and well-being. Perfect for all skin types.


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