Shape, Slim & Smooth body treatment

2 November, 2018

Duration: 75min
Price: 75€

This body ritual, which produces instantly visible results, will calm your nervous system and boost your metabolism.

Suitable for treating all types of cellulite on the legs, buttocks and stomach, for men and women alike, it produces visible results after the very first treatment.

The treatment begins with dry scrub with a brush for the body. A natural exfoliating technique in which you literally brush skin from foot to face, stroking upward toward the heart, overlapping wherever necessary.

The treatment uses white cosmetic clay for body mask. Unlike regular clay it has catalysing, remineralising and healing properties that help extract toxins without drying out the skin. Our exceptional product is enriched with liquorice and active ingredients that stimulate and ionise blood circulation, helping to extract toxins. The treatment ends with an uplifting aromatherapy cream containing the essential oils of myrrh, orange and lavender. Treatment products also contains pepper. Pepper is an exotic, magical spice which has been used since ancient times. Its essential oil stimulates cell renewal and provides a sublime feeling of well-being.

Guaranteed delight with visible results!

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