New autumn season treatments

6 October, 2019

Stone therapy 
20min 25€

Experience complete, deep relaxation after your massage by letting the stillness and warmth embrace you, allowing your body and mind to be totally calm. A 20-minute hot stone treatment can be added to any of our basic massages. The masseur places hot stones on your body, wraps you in warm towels and then lets you enjoy your time in peace and tranquillity.

Hot stones placed on the body will help relieve muscle tension and reduce pain, making the muscles completely relaxed. Heat improves circulation in the area applied, and the stones will also promoteenergy flow and increase energy levels.

K-water Kerastase treatment for hair 

K Water’s breakthrough lamellar technology gives you perfect, stunning hair instantly, weightlessly.

Radiant neck/decollette treatment
50min 110€

This treatment addresses common signs of premature aging for the neck and decollete area, combining chemical peel, mesotherapy injections and rejuvenating masks.

Youthful hands treatment
50min 110€

Special anti-age treatment for the hands – a combination of chemical peel, mesotherapy injections and a soothing mask.

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