Milk, Honey & Bubbles body treatment

2 April, 2018

A true luxury retreat with 100% organic honey massage, deeply moisturizing milk bath and sparkling wine to be enjoyed either in the bath or afterwards in our cozy Spa lounge.

Duration: 80min
Price: 90€

The embrace of milk proteins and marine collagen packs your skin with moisture and nutrients. The luxurious bath procedure moisturises and richly nourishes your skin. A milk bath balances, calms, and revitalises your skin. Milk proteins are especially replenishing for sensitive and dry skin. The harmony of your body, soul, and mind created in foaming milk lets you also understand the secret of Cleopatra’s famed beauty.

Honey massage is considered a type of soft tissue massage. The effects of honey massage are based on the interaction between the human skin and the biologically active and nourishing components of pure honey, as well as the powerful stress-relieving effects of reflex therapy. Honey massage incorporates the healing effects of honey and the beneficial ingredients that honey contains. During the massage, beneficial substances from the honey are absorbed directly into the skin and trapped toxins are loosened.  As an added benefit, the muscles are stretched and loosened. Working with honey on the core of the body, the back and abdomen, is a powerful treatment for releasing tension and removing toxins from the system.

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