Stressbuster pedicure

12 March, 2018

Duration: 80min
Price: 60€

This luxurious pedicure treatment includes the steps of a classic pedicure and in addition a true relaxation experience for your body and mind. The treatment starts with traditional foot care and Sothys Delicious deep-scrub for the skin – truly exotic spicy marmalade exfoliant; continuing with a massage of the soles of your feet with hot volcanic stones and cinnamon-ginger oil, and concludes with the application of a deep-moisturising salve. The cinnamon-ginger oil is perfectly suited for relaxing, fatigue relieving procedures as well as deeply moisturizing the skin. Being inspired both by Eastern and Western cultures and based on acupuncture, shiatsu and digital pressure, the hot stone massage promotes energy flow throughout the body, thereby stimulating the body parts in need of positive energy. The massage stimulates the immune system, improves microcirculation and metabolism, removes blockages and balances energy flow.

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