Gerard´s BODY WOD slimming treatment

30 January, 2020

Duration: 75min
Price: 85€

In just one session, this exclusive three-phase body treatment directly and efficiently acts on cellulite and fat build-ups, re-harmonising the silhouette and leaving tissues toned and compact.

The ultra performing action is performed by the synergetic combination of two extraordinary products that benefit from the cosmetic simulation of cryolipolysis and thermolipolysis. A thermic shock aimed at the mobilisation body liquids is triggered, followed by an action on the panniculus adiposus and stubborn cellulite (cryo phase), allowing a final deep re-compacting effect for the tissues (thermic phase).

RESULTS Reshaped, slimmer and more toned silhouette; minimised cellulite blemishes; reduced localised body fat; visibly smoother, oxygenated and compact skin. Up to 12 cm loss in just one session.

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