DermaPod Brightening facial treatment

9 October, 2018

Duration: 50min
Price: 80€

After the hot summer, we recommend a new treatment to remove hyperpigmentation caused by the sun. This treatment will help to renew damaged skin layers and will revitalise pores thanks to the skin-lightening tissue mask. The treatment is also perfect for those who have age-related pigment spots.

The treatment is carried out using a unique Dermapod device. First, we use diamond microdermabrasion, which is a harmless and gentle skin renewing treatment. The result is a flawlessly smooth and glowing skin. Slight redness may occur after the treatment.

The microdermabrasion is followed by a pleasant skin relaxing massage after which the Masque Revelateur Lumiere tissue mask is applied to the face to instantly lighten the skin and restore its glow.

The treatment is finished off by a deep-effect skin-lightening serum with vitamin C to help to restore the skin’s firmness.

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