A great guide to male masturbators

When it comes to sex toys, it seems that many are designed with the anatomy of the vagina or anus in mind. Some are made specifically for women, while others can be used by either gender for absolute pleasure. But what about toys made specifically for the penis? Enter male masturbators, the best erotic toys that give your penis the attention it craves. Learn more about these unique toys and check out some of the best male masturbators we have on hand - and you'll be eager to have your own.
While other sex toys can serve multiple purposes and even do multiple things at once (like rabbit vibrators), male masturbators are specifically designed for the penis. In other words, they not only hold the penis, but they stimulate every inch of sensitive skin in the most tingling, pleasurable way possible. If you get particularly much pleasure from penis glans, tether and shaft stimulation, then male masturbators will rock your world.

Like other sex toys, the male masturbator has a variety of features that can bring you the most pleasure. These may include different speeds, vibrations, heating elements and internal textures - from ribs and nubs to "tongues" and "teeth". So whether you want the surreal sensation of oral sex or just some extra stimulation, male masturbators are perfect for taking you where you want to go.

Finding male masturbation (https://www.mytoyfirst.com/male-masterbator) designed for people of all abilities is also becoming more and more common. Even if you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) due to Brony's disease or have a severely curved penis, you can find many products designed to meet your needs without causing discomfort - because that's the exact opposite of what masturbators are supposed to do! The bottom line is that male masturbators are made solely for the purpose of adding pleasure to the phallus. And that's exactly what they do.
Go Long, Go Strong

Whether you want to train yourself to stay in bed longer or just enjoy a leisurely and relaxing time alone, male masturbators can help you prolong the fun and build stamina. Many masturbators have different settings, and it is possible to cycle through these settings to bring you closer to the edge, but with effort. Using a masturbator in this way can give you greater stamina and self-confidence while resting in bed with your partner, and can even provide an effective way to combat ED. if you are alone, using a masturbator to stimulate your penis can also free you up for all kinds of self-exploration (such as prostate massage).

More orgasms, more intensity
Because masturbators are specifically designed for the penis, they target all of your most sensitive areas, taking you from 0 pleasure to 100 pleasure. The result: more powerful orgasms and the potential to experience multiple orgasms in a single session. The best part is that you can access these high levels of sexual stimulation whenever you want, resulting in consistently the same results for the most satisfying masturbation you've ever experienced.

Long distance love
Some male masturbators are simply textured penis sleeves, while others are fitted with some pretty serious technology. This can provide greater customization not only for solo sessions, but also for some lively couple experiences. For example, if your partner is traveling or has a long distance relationship with you, a masturbator can be used to enhance a sexy phone or Skype call while the other person uses the sex toy https://www.mytoyfirst.com/sex-toys at the same time.
High-tech or low-end?
Masturbators come in various levels of technology, some of which are simple thermoplastic rubber (TPR) sleeves, while others are equipped with heating elements, vibrations, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. Some also come with adjustable speeds and other intensity levels to provide a more customizable experience. Others can be connected via Bluetooth to a remote control or smartphone, allowing the toy's movements to be controlled by whoever holds the device. As virtual reality, motion sensing and AI technologies become more advanced, the abilities of masturbators will only continue to evolve.

When choosing a masturbator, choose the technology that works best for you. If you are a beginner, we recommend you try a simpler model. Then, move in your own direction until you discover where you want to take your fantasies.

Realistic or not?
Another awesome thing about masturbators is that they have such an incredible diversity of designs. Want to feel like you're getting in touch with your favorite porn star? There are strokes there that mimic the darker areas of certain actresses. Just want to add more energy to your daily routine? Choose a textured sleeve to better target your most sensitive areas. The options are almost limitless! www.mytoyfirst.com/sex-toys-for-men

Charging options
If you choose a masturbator with features like heat or vibration, you'll need to consider how you'll maintain the charge. Some may require batteries, while many modern models can be plugged in for recharging. Keep in mind that many masturbators may take several hours to fully charge, so try plugging them in for a while after each use.

Sleeve length
Most masturbators are made of material that can be stretched to accommodate penises of all shapes and sizes. However, you should always check the sleeve size of the masturbator you are going to purchase to make sure it is comfortable and effective for your body.

Probably the most important thing to look for in a masturbator is that it is made of materials that are safe for the human body. As long as you shop with a reputable sex toy dealer, this won't be a problem, but some stores may still carry toys made from latex, phthalates and parabens, which can irritate your skin or cause other nasty reactions. The best masturbators will be made of silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), TPR and other anti-allergenic materials.

If you plan to take your masturbator with you on the road, or just want a toy that is easy to hide, choose a more discreet model. Pocket cats and Fleshlight-style tappers tend to be the most compact male masturbators, often in containers that can be sealed for storage and concealment. It would be crazy to be less discreet!
Caring for male masturbation is done in almost the same way as caring for any sex toy. However, if unsure of how to clean or use a masturbator, then feel free to consult the manufacturer's manual that came with the toy (keep it?) . These manuals will give you all the details you need to properly clean, store and charge the toy (if applicable), as well as instructions on how to use the toy. For example, not every masturbator is waterproof, so don't submerge it until you're sure.

If your wanker is a sleeve inside a sleeve, you will usually need to remove the sleeve in order to clean it properly. You can use toy care solution or foam to get the job done, or you can submerge it in warm, soapy water (if waterproof). Make sure it is completely dry and does not collect any dirt or lint that could irritate the skin. Then simply put it back in place and you're ready for the next one!

Also, if your male masturbator is made of silicone, be sure to use only water-based lubricants. Silicones react with other silicones when they come into contact and over time they will eat away at your toy. To prevent general wear and tear on your toy, check to see if it is compatible with material renewal products - these toys can make it soft and supple for many masturbation activities later on.